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Jill Stein: Doctor and President

cropped-aca4.jpegYou should not believe what you read in the corporate press.
Dr. Jill Stein is already on 48 ballots and can be elected as our next president. She is already on more than 85-88% of the ballots in the 2016 election.
These facts remain. If she gets 39% of the vote in a three way race between Stein, Bush and Clinton… she wins. This is a critical juncture.

Which side are you on?

We have two choices…
We can choose either Trump or Clinton for dozens of expanding wars and bankruptcy.
or we can choose Dr. Stein and Ajamu Baraka to secure the peace, rebuild infrastructure, restore civil rights and turn the ship of state towards healing this planet. We are running out of time and the solution is in our hands. 

malcolm_xFor the past 15 years, Bernie voted mostly pro-war and regardless of how much sense he made when talking about economic equity… he’s not even in the running.

Heartless Hillary the Hawk, the lady who chuckles about sabers shoved up rectums, is not a serious choice. She belongs in prison.

And Trump the Chump, the teenager on steroids, was another sort of narcissist, but the same sort of sociopath as Hillary.

Both of these clowns agree that removing heads of state of countries we do not agree with is hunky dory.  If you vote for Chump or Killery you will get what you voted for.

But lesser or greater evils are not answer. These sorts of non-choices have delivered us to thios precipice: more than 27 avoidable wars and quadrupling our military expansion with more than 800 bases in at least 137 nations. This empire is growing in leaps and bounds by exporting DSC_0635-copy.14236.widea.0terror, munitions and wars on nations and people who did not attack us.

Republicans have spent trillions to kill millions for billionaires and bragged about it while Democrats spend trillions to kill millions for billionaires and lie about it.

But THIS IS NOT A TWO PARTY SYSTEM! Do not drink the Kool-Aid.”
Time to Think about it. We can make better choices with 

Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka who have the courage to stand up for peace, people, progress and planet. Si se puede!  Yes we can!…/we-can…/



Demilitarize Police Departments: Train Peacekeepers and Prosecute bad cops.

I liked Sanders when he talked about equity, but what he proposed was giving everyday people a bigger piece of the war pie.

He voted in favor of 23 of 27 ongoing wars and voted to wire-tap innocents across America.

Sanders voted in favor of giving Obama the power to wage war at will.  This allowed the start of the Iraq war. He voted against the war as a political move, and then voted to support the war in  subsequent congressional votes.
And now he support Hillary, who laughs about murdering millions for the corporate elite.
These people are not on our side.  We need to stand up and fight back!

“Unwillingness to challenge the madness of militarism is thinking small.”…/conserv…/

www.elle.comJill Stein and Ajamu Baraka can take the White House, but this will require our commitment, courage and support. This is in our hands.

“Just being slightly less worse than the worst possible scenario is not acceptable. We have to be willing to stand up and throw off those chains of powerlessness. In the words of Alice Walker, ‘the biggest way people give up power is by not knowing they have it.

We have the power and it is time we use it.  Let’s take it back.…/dr-jill-stein…/

Bernie Sanders Populist Campaign has missing pieces.

The channels we should have through the government to make change have all but disappeared. The only chance we now have is through mass civil disobedience.

Full video:

We can take this nation back and put the Doctor in charge
She will be the first in 36 years to DO NO HARM.

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MQ-04062012-Pogo-Enemy-oumgga“Ronnie Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jon Ellis (JEB) Bush and Bernie Sanders are ALL on the same page when it comes to Gaza, wars of choice, capitalism and the military-industrial complex.”

“The revolution has always been in the hands of the young.  The young always inherit the revolution.”
~Huey Newton

castro“Revolution is about the need to re-evolve political, economic and social justice and power back into the hands of the people, preferably through legislation and policies that make human sense. That’s what revolution is about.  Revolution is not about shootouts.”
~Bobby Seale

At home, American police bureaus, militarized and armeddc with machine-guns, have been provided a license to kill at will and our president claims a “right” to kill anyone, anywhere, any time, for any reason or without providing any reason at all. This amoral and extralegal extortion has been extended abroad in more than 27 corporate wars of choice. And what is most terrifying: the American people have surrendered to this betrayal and treason.  With innocents executed at home and abroad, we are under attack and must stand up and fight back: no fear, no compromise and no surrender.

The revolution has begun.  Join us.

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images


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