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Cities All Over America Have Figured Out How To Save The Internet


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The FCC recently announced that that cable and telephone companies will be allowed to prioritize internet access to their customers. Thankfully there is one option left to maintain Net Neutrality…

Local governments all over America are buying up the means of Internet distribution and infrastructure for their communities.

…Today almost 90 communities nationwide have fiber networks spanning individual cites. There are another 74 that own citywide cable networks. Even more have partial networks. Over 3 million people live in communities that have publicly owned communications network. Each of these telecommunications networks can respond directly to the will of the people, in maintaining Net Neutrality, since the FCC has proven it will not.

To sweeten the deal, publicly owned telecommunications networks can offer lower prices and higher speeds than the offers of such providers as Comcast, AT&T and Time Warner.

Even though it has the power and authority to do so, the FCC has done absolutely nothing to stop the increasingly monopolistic broadband delivery system, consolidated in a handful of corporations.

The recent FCC betrayal on Net Neutrality, as well as the increasingly monopolistic concentration of power with a handful of providers should increasingly convince voters to demand that their own towns and cities seize the reins of power, and manage the Information Superhighway the same way that local municipalities have been doing with roads for years.

Contact your city officials in Portland, Oregon and all over the nation:

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